Rafting on the Cetina River is the most popular and most attended adventure tour in Dalmatia. Rafting in the protected areas of the river canyon attracts many tourists every summer. The quiet parts of the river and the second and third-grade rapids enable a three-hour combination of adventure and relaxation in the amazing Cetina river canyon.

Canyoning on Cetina river. Cetina river has been flowing for thousands of years and thus creating mystical shapes in its bed. Crystal clear water and river suitable for swimming offer a true experience of untouched nature with its cliffs up to 180 meters high, waterfalls, lakes, subterranean tunnels, and a 50 meters high waterfall Gubavica. The guide will give you a life-jacket, a helmet, neoprene pants, and jacket and the small expedition is ready to set off. The sound of the river becomes louder as you descend into the canyon. Ten minutes later you will find yourself in the middle of the Cetina river canyon. Walking through rivers and rapids, going through subterranean tunnels, swimming in natural pools, going around waterfalls and lakes – all this is canyoning. If you are looking for a more adrenaline-pumped version of this tour, you can check Extreme canyoning in Split.

Extreme canyoning on the Cetina river. This trip offers a more exciting and stronger experience of the Cetina river canyon than just basic canyoning. Together with walking and swimming through the canyon, it consists of two rope lowerings down a cliff. After an hour of walking through rapids and swimming in clear lakes, you will come to the 50 meters high Gubavica waterfall. Near the waterfall, a prepared place enables you to lower with alpine ropes. One of the guides lowers you while the other guide waits for you under the waterfall. The height from which you are being lowered is 53 meters. The noise of the water tumbling down and the view of the waterfall from above make a unique and unforgettable experience. Except for this lowering, the trip includes a rope lowering near the Mala Gubavica waterfall. The height from which you are being lowered is 18 meters.

Canoe safari on Cetina river. Come discover the Cetina River by canoe. Here you will find some of the finest canoeing in Croatia. Cetina River is excellent for first-timers or group trips because of its quiet parts and rapids that alternate on your three-hour journey. Canoe trips on the Cetina river can be one of the most relaxing, healthiest, and most enjoyable ways to spend a few hours or a full weekend! If arranged, the trip can be fulfilled with a barbeque lunch or dinner on a meadow by the river (additional payment).

River tubing on Cetina river. This is a great and unusual way to enjoy the unique atmosphere of the Dalmatian hinterland. Fun and relaxing floating through crystal green waters of river Cetina is ideal for all generations. To float in tubes we use quiet parts of the river that are intersected by small rapids and they guarantee true entertainment. The descent down the river is completed with a break for swimming and beverages by choice

Rock climbing in Omiš. A combination of mountains, sea, and river is a characteristic of Omiš town and the climbing area in its proximity. The climbing area is located at the banks of the river Cetina and is very popular in the summer. With expert advice from our instructors, you will learn how to safely climb and descend the cliffs of Omiš. After climbing, all you have to do is decide whether you want to swim in the sea or river Cetina located fifty meters away from the climbing area.